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A proposal to promote the well-being of children, by Instructor Gillian Elizabeth Reid - Biotaolife. 

Observing a new-born baby, we realise that we come to this world with the virtues of love, kindness, tenderness, honesty, and righteousness. When we live with virtues, our life force flows smoothly and efficiently. If, on the other hand, we neglect to cultivate our virtues; we run the risk of accumulating and amplifying negative emotions such as hatred, worry, sadness, fear and anger.

Clearly there is nothing wrong with negative emotions, as long as we are aware of them and transform them, before they accumulate and obstruct the vital energy that flows in the organs which maintain the order and balance of our microcosm, giving us health.

Our modern society is renowned for its fast pace, its stressful conditions and its inability to handle the tons of waste products it produces every day. This includes not only the rubbish from our homes, but also the emotional junk produced inside our body. Under the influence of this stressful society, our virtues gradually decrease and negative emotions increase, gradually weakening our organs - leading to emotional and physical imbalance.

In numerous schools around the world, the recognition of 'SEN' (Special Educational Needs) is becoming increasingly more frequent. Whatever the reason, it is clear that just like for adults young people are expressing with more and more clarity the need for moments of tranquillity and, where necessary, the need for help to recognise their physical and emotional center – the place where they can find their own calm and connect to the knowledge that resides in each of us.





The combination of Taijiquan, Biospirals Method Qigong and the 6 Healing Sounds is used as a complete educational tool. 



An ancient Chinese discipline also referred to as ‘Shadow Boxing’ based on inner force, accessible only through relaxation. It involves breathing techniques with slow and regular chained-movements, capable of harmonising the physical, energy body and mind, to develop inner strength, health and focus.

The Biospirals Method

Created in Venice-Italy after many years of patient work, initiated by Centro Ricerche Tai Chi ASD, in 1985. Over the years, the activities of the Tai Chi Research Centre have led it through: an in-depth study on Taijiquan, Qigong (work on cosmic energy, now known by science as the electromagnetic force), the study of concepts belonging to modern science and human physiology together with its relationship with the psyche and spirit.

It was this path that subsequently lead to the birth of the Biospirals Training School in 2007. The method is based on spiralling movements and images with the aim of harmonising the visible and non-visible body (systems and structures), in order to live in harmony with the environment. 

The 6 Healing Sounds

A practice adopted by the Universal Healing Tao System, handed down by Taoist Masters who, through centuries of experience listening to the flow of life force which nourishes and animates man, discovered. that every healthy organ is associated with a particular sound, colour and quality of energy. Emotional problems, pollution, poor food, injuries and excessive and strenuous exercise can overheat the internal organs, causing them to weaken. This weakening causes the organ to malfunction as the harmonic, energetic frequency which every organ emits goes out of sync. The practice of the 6 Healing Sounds helps manage the tendency towards imbalance by cleansing the vital organs and restoring the original, optimum frequency. In addition, they stimulate the flow of life force (Qi) throughout the body, not only increasing general health and vitality but bringing awareness of the body as a group of interdependent structures intimately connected to its surroundings.

Basic programme for children aged 6-11

The activities will be adapted according to the needs of the individual or group and include:

-Relaxation and meditation exercises

-Imitating animals

-Imitating nature

-Pair and group exercises


Programme for children aged 10+

This phase of the programme - "The Body, Energy and Movement" is dedicated to children preparing to advance to middle/secondary school. The aim is to offer a tool to aid their entry into the world of adults in a more serene and conscious manner, with the intention of helping them on their path to their future role as citizens of the world. 

To project focuses on the 6 Healing Sounds to enable the children to become aware of the subtle connection between their physical body and their emotional body, together with its effect on the world around them: companions, family, society. They are encouraged to live the connection to their biological body with respect and to learn why and how to love and nurture themselves with the tools that help them find their personal, holistic balance.

The activities 

Following the project offered to the previous classes, the knowledge of Taijiquan and the Biospirals Method is expanded by including the in-depth practice of the 6 Healing Sounds.






Well-being for Educators

Proposed as a means of protecting and reinforcing the fragile balance between the body and mind.  


Man's basic need to maintain harmony and balance is universal. Educators clearly have the added task of guiding children during their formative years as they sow the seeds that young people will cultivate and harvest for years to come.

Parallel to the project “The Body, Energy and Movement”, for children, practical means are offered to their educators The underlying goal, is to share the methods used with the children and encourage the educators to set the example by cultivating their own healthy mind and body, in harmony with the laws of the universe and use the inspiration to transform their personal, immediate environment.

The activities 

Biospirals Qigong and the 6 Healing Sounds


All lessons are held by, instructor Gillian Elizabeth Reid

Qualifications: Centro Ricerche Tai Chi ASD Senior Instructor, Biospirals Method School Senior Instructor EU, Universal Healing Tao Certified Instructor EU.


For further information: info@biotaolife.eu

Or contact Gillian directly on +39 342 344 0333