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Spirals abound in nature. We can see them in sunflowers and ferns, whirlpools and hurricanes, DNA helices and galaxies. Spirals exist because they are the most efficient way for matter to expand and multiply whilst expending the least amount of energy.

The Biospirals Method was born out of an in-depth study of Taijiquan and Qigong. Although supported by a solid basic theory, it is essentially experiential and belongs to the discipline of Qigong with the purpose of promoting life.

It is comprised of a series of meditations, breathing exercises and dynamic sequences all based on the spiralling motion of energy in nature. The Method strengthens our life force, thus bringing the mind and body into a state of natural harmony.

The slow repetition of gestures induces a state of deep calm that, whilst excluding the central nervous system, allows the mind and body to free itself from the negative effects generated by an excessive accumulation of tensions. The benefits of this work are immediate and particularly evident in the bone structure, joints, the muscle-tendon systems, the fascial-connective system and, above all, the energy system.   

Workshops held by Senior Instructor Gillian Reid

The method is suitable to all