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The History

The Biospirals Method is the result of long, patient work which begun in 1984, Venice/Italy, by Master Franco Mescola, founder of Il Centro Ricerche Tai Chi (the Taiji Research Centre) and creator of the Method. 

Franco Mescola began studying external martial arts in the 1960’s with Master Luciano Padoan and Murakami. Subsequently he was instructed by Master Hiroshi Shirai, and Master Chang Dsu Yao to whom he became a disciple. In 1985, with the permission of Master Chang Dsu Yao he formed the Taiji Research Centre where he directed and taught the instructor training programme. 

He travelled extensively to study further in Africa and Asia, practicing with great masters. The study of Qigong led him to experiment and in doing so he created The Biospirals Method for which he formed a training school and published the book Il Metodo Biospirali – I principi e la pratica del Tai Chi e del Chi Kung delle spirali, translated and released in English in 2019. 

Master Franco Mescola has achieved the rare feat of being able to combine an understanding of the teachings of ancient masters with the ever-growing modern scientific understanding of energy and presents the theory in accessible, easy-to-understand terms.


The Taiji Research Centre