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The Practice

The Universal Healing Tao serves to empower and harmonise an individual, regardless of personal religious or philosophical commitment. Taoist practices encompass all levels of life, making them one of the more practical spiritual practices. The goals are self-mastery and spiritual independence. In the Universal Healing Tao System, Tai Chi and Chi Kung are taught to improve and develop the physical body and spirit. The inner alchemy of the Taoist practices deals with chi and the emotions; whereby, one learns how to transform negative emotions into positive emotions with the Inner Smile and the Six Healing Sounds.


There are many wonderful practices in the Universal Healing Tao System so that every aspect of our life can be tuned-up for health, happiness and fulfilment of our innate spiritual nature.


The Universal Healing Tao is divided into four healing arts:

  • UHT Living Tao Practices

  • Chi Nei Tsang Practices

  • Cosmic Healing Practices

  • Immortal Tao Practices



Workshops held by Certified Instructor Gillian Reid

The practice is suitable to all




Inner Smile:
transforms body stress into relaxation.

Six Healing Sounds:
transforms negative emotions in the organs into positive, leaving the organs clean, refreshed and vital.

Microcosmic Orbit:
distributes energy in the 72000 energy channels of the body.


Basic Chi Kung

Rooting and alignment with exercises to reactivate the physical body, make it stronger and more flexible to accommodate and metabolize the energy acquired and produced by subsequent practices.

Inner Smile

In this meditation we cultivate the heart's healing energy of love, joy and happiness with a simple smile. We then direct this energy inside and use it to reconnect with our physical and emotional bodies. In the West, we know love comes from the heart; in Chinese theory, each organ stores positive virtues and by focusing on these organs and their positive energies we bring more of those qualities into our lives. Imagine what it would feel like to have a little more courage, wisdom, love, peace and trust in your life!

6 Healing Sounds

In Chinese medicine, the organs are not just responsible for the virtues but negative emotions as well. Each organ stores an associated negative emotion. With the 6 Healing Sounds and specific movements, you can clear negative emotions and energetically detoxify the organs. Recycling the trapped energy brings about an increase in energy and a sense of peace and balance. Great to use before bed to get a good night's sleep or as a quick way to transform in the moment unwanted negative emotions into usable energy.



The Microcosmic Orbit

This meditation works with deep constitutional energy and is the foundation on which many later practices are built. During the opening process, you learn to connect the main back and front acupuncture channels, which function as reservoirs of energy. By connecting the two into one circuit, this deeply nourishing chi can be circulated pass your major organs and through the nervous system to all the cells. This brings them energy necessary for growth, healing and normal function.


With these techniques you are able to

  • Take control of your own energetic and spiritual self-development
  • Cultivate more energy, happiness and better health
  • Transform negative emotions into positive virtues
  • Feel grounded, centred and balanced in your daily life


 These are the first steps on the path to taking control of your own mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being and development 



 Iron Shirt Chi Kung

Iron Shirt Chi Kung comes from the martial arts branch of the Universal Healing Tao.
It is the physical foundation on which many of the other practices are built.

Before you venture into the spirit realms you need a firm base and Iron Shirt gives you that solid foundation.
The Universal Tao is an integrated system so learning Iron Shirt also increases your understanding and effectiveness of all the other practices.

The core of the practice consists 6 Iron Shirt Postures and the Packing Breathing Process

  • Embracing the Tree
  • Holding the Golden Urn
  • The Golden Turtle Immersing in Water
  • The Water Buffalo Emerging from Water
  • Iron Bridge
  • The Golden Phoenix Washes Its Feathers

Energy is drawn in from the earth, nature and the universe and is packed into the organs, connective tissue (fascia) and the bones. This increases the chi pressure between the fascial layers and thereby provides a protective layer much like an inflated car tire provides cushioning between the car and the road. Increased chi pressure also detoxifies the organs, connective tissue and bones.

​Through the practice of the postures, related exercises and guidance on how the posture feels you start to become aware of your own inner structure. Through connecting the structure together as one unit you are able to channel large forces effortlessly to the ground. 


With regular Iron Shirt practice you:

  • Cultivate your centering and rooting power
  • Create a strong structure
  • Align your structure with the forces of heaven and earth
  • Develop internal power
  • Strengthen, protect and detoxify your organs
  • Prepare your body for higher spiritual energies


It is now widely understood that the body and mind are intimately connected. By working on your physical structure, you are building a strong stable mind capable of dealing with the constant pushes and pulls of life. Emotions are balanced, and you feel more calm and grounded. 



Tai Chi Chi Kung

Tai Chi Chi Kung is a discipline that teaches to move the force in the physical body through coordinated and structured movements.

To develop the form of Tai Chi you need to focus your mind on your body, on your breath and on a precise series of details.

Tai Chi develops on multiple levels and benefits are found both on the physical, energetic, mental and spiritual body.

It is a complete wellness discipline as it activates the whole body involving bones, muscles, joints, tendons, breathing and force compaction.

In fact, in this type of Tai Chi it is very important to develop life force and store it inside the body structure, highlighting the interaction with the energy of the 8 forces in the 5 directions (North, East, South, West, and Centre), often unknown or neglected aspects of other styles. The Tai Chi taught in the Universal Healing Tao is very simple and accessible to everyone, big and small and its simplicity allows real work on inner power and energy.
Perfect for bringing enrichment to any style already practiced. 

The benefits people experience are numerous but here are a few common ones:

  • Increased flexibility
  • Stronger legs and back, as well as less back pain
  • A growing sense of calmness
  • More energy
  • A general feeling of contentment, peace and happiness



In the western world, exercise focuses mainly of physical fitness and developing muscular strength. In the east, exercise balances the body, mind and spirit. This balance is strongly emphasized in the Taoists system of Tao Yin.

Tao Yin exercises are moving meditations. Using the inner smile, one trains the feeling and awareness brain, the Second Brain in the abdomen, to coordinate and direct the actions and energy in the body. They integrate the subtle power of the breath and mind in the process.

The practice cultivates gentleness while developing strength.


 Your spine will become more flexible and your tendons and psoas muscles will become imbued with elasticity. The wisdom of your body will awaken with the healthy effects of activating the subtle chemistry of your body. You will remove blockages to your innate vitality and rejuvenate your body and energy.

You will discover and train your ‘second brain’, in your abdomen, and you will be able to connect to the life-giving power of the universe.

Combining correct body movements with internal forces in harmony with external forces, the power of intension mind and breath, you will enjoy a full-body flowering of energy.




 The two pillars of Healing Love are conservation and transformation, they allow us to use our sexual energy (Ching Chi - The energy that generates life) for healing and nourishment of our body and mind.  

Mind, Organs and Sexual Organs  

Sexual organs can produce a lot of energy but cannot store this energy which can burn like fire. The other organs and the brain are needed to transform this powerful energy and conserve it.  

The sexual organs, the other organs of the body and the brain are interconnected. If you know how to transform sexual energy and make the connection through practice, you can cultivate and store a high amount of energy. If we do not know how to transform this energy and our sexual organs, vital organs and the brain are disconnected, energy is lost. Unfortunately, this connection no longer exists for many people and one of the advantages of the practice is that this connection is restored.  

The goal of Taoist basic education is to integrate the brain, sexual organs and other organs into a single system.  

The main way in which men lose Ching Chi is through ejaculation. Women on the contrary, lose less sexual energy through orgasm, but instead, they lose it mainly through menstruation and pregnancy.  

Through the practice of celibacy, teachers, monks, nuns and priests learn to use sexual energy to improve their virtues and their connection with higher forces.   By studying the nature of sex, Taoist masters have found ways to control and use Ching Chi (the energy that generates life) without celibacy, through certain practices.  

These sexual practices redirect the Ching Chi with its power, upward into the body, rather than out of it.

In this way, it unleashes the creative force inside as a healing force for the body, mind and spirit.  

Tones and strengthens the pelvic floor together with the orifices, sexual organs, vital organs and the brain. With constant practice, the brain and the entire nervous system are strengthened and can help prevent or slow degenerative diseases of the nervous system.



 The main practices for women to conserve and transform their sexual energy are:    

1. Breast Massage  

To control the menstrual cycle, menopause, prevent breast, uterine and ovarian cancer. Breast massage is of enormous importance.  

It is a daily practice to transform sexual energy and a good way to get instant energy.  

2. Ovarian respiration  

This exercise regulates menstruation and nourishes the spine and the brain (the nervous system), organs and glands.  

It is a daily practice to transform sexual energy.  

3. The Egg Exercise and Vaginal Compression  

Many women lose a lot of energy through the lower doors because the tone of the vaginal muscles around the uterus and bladder is too weak.  

The egg exercise can strengthen the vaginal muscles and the entire pelvic floor, closing this door and conserving energy.  

Furthermore, because through exercise the sexual energy and the energy of the earth are attracted to the lower abdomen, the uterus, the bladder, all the organs and the bands in the lower abdomen are strengthened. Prevents incontinence.  

4. Orgasmic Upward Draw (Orgasmic Ascent)  

This exercise is very important, it teaches how to conserve, and use stimulated sexual energy.  

The muscles of the perineum and the sacral and cranial pump redirect the energy from the sexual organs up towards the brain.  

By practicing this exercise frequently, you can train your mind and body, nourish the organs and bones with the healing-Ching Chi energy.  

It nourishes all body systems, gives well-being, fresh skin and radiant eyes.  

This exercise can be practiced alone (single cultivation) or with a partner (dual cultivation).



The main practices for men to conserve and transform their sexual energy (Ching Chi) are:    

1. Testicle massage  

Just as women should massage their breasts every day, men should massage their testicles.  

Massage improves male potency and activates healthy sperm production.

It is a daily practice to transform sexual energy and a good way to get instant energy.  

2. Scrotal compression  

This strengthens the testicles and the prostate by replenishing the Ching Chi. Helps prevent prostate cancer, nourishes organs and glands.  

3. Testicular Breathing  

This technique, like ovarian respiration, transforms the Ching Chi to nourish the spine, the nervous system, the mind and the organs.  

4. Power Lock

   This exercise is very important, especially for men: it teaches how to conserve stimulated sexual energy, redirect it up the spine to the brain and control ejaculation.  

By developing this exercise frequently, you can train your mind and body.  

The muscles of the perineum and the sacral and cranial pump redirect the energy from the sexual organs up towards the brain in a moment.  

Redirecting Ching Chi to the brain can help prevent baldness and Alzheimer's.  

5. Orgasmic Upper Draw (Orgasmic Ascent)  

This is actually the same exercise as the Power Lock, much softer with less muscle contractions.  

This exercise can be practiced alone (single cultivation) or with a partner (dual cultivation).      


Balance the polarity of feminine and masculine forces   (Yin / Yang).  

Since men are more Yang and women are more Yin, they can help bring each other into a better balance through the exchange of their Chi during the love relationship.  

During love making, a man and a woman can circulate their excited Ching Chi through their Microcosmic Orbit and Partner, and use the power of creative energy to nourish their partner's vital organs, bones and nervous system.




Inner Alchemy Astrology



Four Pillars of your Destiny

The four Pillars of your Destiny are the year, month, day, and time of your birth.


Based on these parameters, Taoist astrology defines your personal chart and five-element make-up: the combination of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal or Water in a Yin or Yang state which is predominant in your life, defined by the universal energy at the time of birth.


Master Mantak Chia’s Inner Alchemy Astrology is an authentic branch of Taoist astrology, with the difference that IAA empowers you to harmonise your life by working on your inner 5 element core.


Although your calculated birth chart itself will not be changed by the practices, you can balance and strengthen elements within yourself and this can change your health and fate.


In Inner Alchemy Astrology the calculated personal birth chart 5 element data is converted into an energy image, based on 5 element percentages.


From this image, we can see where imbalance comes from and work out what practices to use in order to balance and harmonise our lives.


Taoist astrological chart with 5 element make-up and organ energy analysis table can be interpreted as your psychological profile and medical constitution, showing underlying tendencies.


In other words, it is an analysis of what you are born with, coming from that first gasp of air. Each of the five elements relates to organs, emotions, sense organs, and types of actions in your life on the level of vibrational Qi, or vital energy.


Our elements’ strengths and weaknesses show our skills and challenges, and by making your personal chart you can learn a lot about your life, your relationships with others and professional pathways.

Download you FREE astrology chart here: https://www.mantakchia.com/inner-alchemy-astrology-2/

By ordering your complete astrology chart, we can consider the energy cycles that change over time, we can see their influence on the path of life, and adapy your inner alchemy practice accordingly.

To order your complete chart and book a consultation, please contact: info@biotaolife.eu