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Gillian Reid

About Us

Biotaolife created by Gillian Reid

It came to life after a long period of personal study and is the result of the work of many.

Its purpose is to cultivate and share the practices encountered along the way, coming from two distinct but complementary schools.

The school of Metodo Biospirali® Italia, as delivered by its creator Maestro Franco Mescola and the Universal Healing Tao system Thailand, as handed down by the Master Mantak Chia.

The study of these two practices gave rise to Tao Chi Junior, blended in a formula for children.

Metodo Biospirali® was born in Venice in the 80s, as a result of the long and patient work of its creator Master Franco Mescola, director of Centro Ricerche Tai Chi Italy, and the help of his collaborators.
By combining Eastern knowledge and Western science, the system addresses internal and external vibrational energies to harmonize and integrate body structures, particularly the fascia-connective system.


Metodo Biospirali is a form of Chi Kung.
It draws on the movement of the universe through images and spiral movements, aimed at accessing the Wisdom of the body.
Its purpose is to free up and connect to the fascia-connective tissue, conductor of the orchestra of meridians (energetic paths)
a means by which Life Force (Chi / Qi) travels through us and connects us to the Earth and Celestial Forces.
From standing and walking meditation to progressively more dynamic sequences, and finally synthesized in "Xuan Chuan" a
spiralling, internal martial form, the goal is to stay connected to the "flow".

Since the mid 90s, Metodo Biospirali has gradually been introduced to the UK. 
In 2014, on Master Mescola’s passing, he handed down a legacy of life-enhancing tools
which the Metodo Biospirali School, under the umbrella of the Tai Chi Research Center Italy, continues to develop and share today.

In 2016, Senior Instructor and direct disciple of Master Mescola, Gillian Reid, expanded the practice in Europe with numerous seminars and in 2016, together with her UK student Debbie Heaney, formed the Metodo Biospirali Training School UK.  

The Universal Healing Tao (UHT) created by Master Mantak Chia, the result of over six decades of personal experience, teaching tens of thousands of students practically from every country in the world.
Deeply rooted in traditional Taoist practices, the teaching method of Master Chia develops physical, mental and spiritual (energetic) bodies that are integrated within human beings.
The goal is the development of human vital energy (Chi / Qi) for self-healing and the transformation of life.

For over 50 years, Master Chia has been the main teacher of Taoism in the Western world. He shares his practices from his creation, Tao Garden Center -Thailand and while annually touring all the continents of the world.
He has written a multitude of books and manuals, generously sharing his knowledge with all those who wish to take their lives into their own hands and transform it into a diamond. 

The Universal Healing Tao system is divided into four arts for health:

UHT Living Tao Practices

Chi Nei Tsang Practices

Cosmic Healing Practices

Immortal Tao Practices 

Biotaolife divides Metodo Biospirali Chi Kung into four arts for health:

Opening the doors and gates


Harmonizing the Systems

Helical Bio Spiralling     

Biotaolife, based in Venice, Italy, collaborates with instructors of the Universal Healing Tao system- Europe and instructors from the Metodo Biospirali School - Europe



Tao Chi Junior, proposed as a practical-game for children and teenagers, arises from the desire to preserve the reality of Oneness, the feeling of total belonging and Knowledge that all children are born with.
The children of today are our most precious resource, our present and our future.
Children are born with knowledge and live the memory of what is now recognized as 'Inner Peace', which gives health, harmony and longevity.
Unfortunately, the imprint of modern society means that their natural 'software for health' is slowly replaced by programming 'software to produce'. This act interrupts their connection with Self, and what is needed to maintain inner-outer equilibrium fades, distancing them from both physical and mental health.
Tao Chi Junior is the result of years of work and sharing with children, combined with the practices of Metodo Biospirali-Chi Kung and the Universal Healing Tao system.

The combination of Tai Chi-Chi Kung and Metodo Biospirali can be a complete educational tool.
While toning and aligning the body’s evolving structure, it develops the coordination skills and qualities required for a child’s growth in this "delicate" phase of development.
The students acquire the awareness of their physical and emotional body in relation to the surrounding world and learn to manage it in relation to daily demands.
Whilst having fun, they learn to know each other and to gage their interactions whilst respecting the relationship with their internal and external world which goes beyond the physical realm.

Biotaolife promotes the sharing of arts and information that teaches the ‘Way’ of union with the Universe.
Biotaolife shares the means that give us the possibility to know ourselves deeply, and therefore everything we are connected to.
By harmonizing the body, the mind and the heart to become One with the Whole, we regain the Universal knowledge that restores our right to a long, harmonious life.

From the tender age of an individual, the purpose of Biotaolife is to spread and share the desire to live a healthier, more balanced life made possible through the awareness of our unlimited, personal potential.

The practices are mainly experiential with a balanced measure of theory to satisfy the logical mind.

 With the possibility of teaching in both English and Italian, Gillian runs a variety of workshops throughout the year and is available for private tuition and bookings.

Blessings on your path...


Gillian Reid, Senior Instructor (Teaches in English and Italian)

 I was born in England of Jamaican descent and moved to Italy in 1985. In 1992 I became a direct student of Master Franco Mescola, founder of Centro Ricerche Tai Chi Italia (Tai Chi Research Centre Italy) and creator of Metodo Biospirali® Chi Kung.

Over the years, I have dedicated heart and soul to the practices of Chi Kung, Metodo Biospirali, Tai Chi Chuan 108 Yang style, sabre, long stick, tui shou, applications, chi’nà and much more. Contributing decades to the birth and growth of Centro Ricerche Tai Chi and the Metodo Biospirali Training School, I currently teach as Senior Instructor.

On my master’s passing in 2014, I expanded the practice of Metodo Biospirali he previously initiated in Europe, by means of numerous seminars. In 2016, together with my UK student Debbie Heaney, I formed the Metodo Biospirali Training School UK.

On a parallel, since 2010 I have been embracing the knowledge and inspiration from Grandmaster Mantak Chia during his world tours and at his home in Tao Garden – Thailand, in addition to workshops held by his Senior Instructors. In 2018 I graduated as a Universal Healing Tao Associate Instructor and subsequently a Certified instructor.

During my years of teaching both children and adults, I have also been welcomed into the Italian public school system where I run programmes, to share my knowledge as a combination of physical and spiritual awareness dressed in tranquil fun.

In 2018 I created my website where I offer Universal Healing Tao workshops, Metodo Biospirali, Junioir Tao Chi Workshops and instructor training programmes.

Today, with the possibility of teaching in both English and Italian, I run a variety of workshops throughout the year and am available for private tuition and bookings.


-"Gillian Reid is an amazing and generous teacher; she gives a lot and still she has a lot to give. Being her student has been a life changer and I see myself taking a new path in life. I am truly grateful and feel honoured to have received her teachings. She is a true Master."  Celia
- Gillian is an amazing person and teacher, she walks the talk.   Christine Harkeness

- Gillian is a knowledgeable teacher whose guidance is shared from personal experience in a friendly, fun & passionate way. Many thanks Gillian!   Vicky Ahern-Hardiman

- Excellent Teacher. Salila Rade

- Great Teachings.  Judith Van Drooge

- A privilege to receive those teachings from you Gillian. Looking forward to receiving many more!  Caroline Williams