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Junior Tao Chi

Proposed as a practical game for children and teenagers, this programme arises from the desire to preserve the reality of Oneness, the feeling of total belonging and Knowledge that all children are born with. The children of today are our most precious blessing, they are our present and our future.

Children are born with Knowledge and live the memory of what is now recognised as 'Inner Peace', which gives health, harmony and longevity. Unfortunately, the imprint of modern society means that their natural 'software for health' is slowly replaced by programming 'software to produce'. This act interrupts their connection with Self, and what is needed to maintain inner-outer equilibrium fades, distancing them from both physical and mental health.

Junior Tao Chi is the result of years of work and sharing with children, combined with the practices of Biospirals-Qigong and the Universal Healing Tao system.

The combination of Taijiquan and Qigong can be used as a complete educational tool. While toning and aligning the body’s evolving structure, it develops the coordination skills and qualities required for a child’s growth in this "delicate" phase of development. The students acquire the awareness of their physical and emotional body in relation to the surrounding world and learn to manage it in relation to daily demands. Whilst having fun, they learn to ‘know’ each other and to gage their interactions whilst respecting the relationship with their internal and external world, which goes beyond the physical realm.

Biotaolife promotes the sharing of arts and information that teaches the Way of union with the Universe. Biotaolife shares the means that gives us the possibility to know ourselves deeply, and therefore everything we are connected to. By harmonising the body, the mind and the heart to become One with the Whole, we regain the Universal knowledge that restores our right to a long, harmonious life.

From the tender age of an individual, the purpose of Biotaolife is to spread and share the desire to live a healthier, more harmonious life made possible through the awareness of our unlimited, personal potential.

The practices are mainly experiential with a balanced measure of theory to stimulate the logical mind.

We organise workshops for public and private schools, events and instructor training.