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Gillian Reid, Senior Instructor

I was born in England, of Jamaican origin, and moved to Italy in 1985. In 1992 I became a direct student of Maestro Franco Mescola, founder of the Taiji Research Centre (Centro Ricerche Tai Chi) and creator of Biospirals Method Qigong.
Over the years, I have dedicated my heart and soul to the practices of Qigong, the Biospirals Method, Taijiquan 108 Yang style, saber, long stick, tui shou, applications, chi'nà and much more. Contributing over the decades to the birth and growth of the Taiji Research Centre and the Biospirals Method Training School.
I currently teach freelance as a senior instructor.
After the passing of my master in 2014, I expanded the practice of the Biospirals Method which he had previously started in Europe, through numerous seminars. In 2016, together with my British student Debbie Heaney, I founded the Biospirals Method Training School UK.

In parallel, since 2010 I have embraced the knowledge and inspiration of Grandmaster Mantak Chia during his world tours and at his school in
Tao Garden - Thailand, as well as seminars held by his senior instructors. In 2018 I graduated as a Universal Healing Tao Associate Instructor and later as a Certified Instructor.

During my earlier years of teaching to both children and adults, I was welcomed into the Italian public school system, where I now run programmes to share my knowledge in the form of ‘conscious movement’ and fun educational games that reinforce respect and inner strength.

In 2018 I created my personal website where I offer workshops and training of the Universal Healing Tao practices, Biospirals Method Qigong and Tao Chi Junior for children and instructors.
Thanks to the possibility of teaching in both English and Italian, I manage a variety of seminars throughout the year and am available for private lessons and bookings.


-"Gillian Reid is an amazing and generous teacher; she gives a lot and still she has a lot to give. Being her student has been a life changer and I see myself taking a new path in life. I am truly grateful and feel honoured to have received her teachings. She is a true Master."  Celia
- Gillian is an amazing person and teacher, she walks the talk.   Christine Harkeness

- Gillian is a knowledgeable teacher whose guidance is shared from personal experience in a friendly, fun & passionate way. Many thanks Gillian!   Vicky Ahern-Hardiman

- Excellent Teacher. Salila Rade

- Great Teachings.  Judith Van Drooge

- A privilege to receive those teachings from you Gillian. Looking forward to receiving many more!  Caroline Williams